Dr. Paula Frantz is a Kansas native, with a bachelor's degree in elementary education, who used to milk cows on a dairy in central Kansas.    She completed her pre-med requirements at Kansas State University, then set off for The Ohio State University, College of Medicine in Columbus, Ohio where she completed her MD.  Her residency in Family Practice was completed at the  University of Missouri, Kansas City, serving as Chief Resident her final year.  She fulfilled a 2 year public health stint in Norwood and Naturita, CO, then moved to Sterling, CO.  Since being in Sterling, she worked almost 8 years in the emergency department for Sterling Regional Med Center.  She then spent almost 9 years with the Colorado Department of Corrections, five of which were as Chief Medical Officer, followed by three years at the Colorado Plains Physicians Practices clinic. 

 She started Inspire Health Direct Primary Care, LLC  in 2015 after she became frustrated with the hurry up approach of traditional medical clinics and the short sighted health care controlled by insurance companies.   As Dr. Frantz progressed through her medical career, she began to question the increasing burden of meeting the demands of insurance companies and the government when these demands contributed nothing to the health of her patients.  Yet these demands consumed precious time that could not be spent with patients.   Dr. Frantz believes that teaching a patient about his or her  health, discussing options for diagnosis and treatment, and coaching each patient as they make the health care decisions that are correct for them are the keys to maximizing health.   

 Dr. Frantz  lives outside of Fleming, CO with her husband, two ancient horses, two dogs, and four farm cats.  She loves to garden, watch birds, star gaze, and she prefers to be outdoors as much as possible.  She is an avid knitter and has a yarn stash that would make most yarn shops blush.   She has two pretty awesome kids, both grown and pursuing their own dreams. 

In July, Dr. Paula was joined at Inspire Health by Megan William, DNP-C. Megan graduated from CU Colorado Springs, College of Noosing and Health Science with her Doctor of Nursing Practice in May of 2018. Dr. Paula served as a clinical preceptor for Megan for several of Megan’s clinical experiences during her training.