Medication Philosophy


Inspire Health Direct Primary Care understands that many people have chronic pain.  Inspire Health also understands that chronic, daily narcotic use is indicated for very few,  select situations.  Here at Inspire Health, we believe that pain is best managed by physical therapy, exercise, topical treatments, chiropractic care, medications other than narcotics, and cognitive behavioral therapy, and as such, narcotics are not prescribed on an ongoing basis.  Of course there are exceptions such as active cancer diagnosis and treatment, and end of life or palliative care.  Patients who believe they need chronic, daily narcotics will need to be under the care of a pain specialist and will need to receive those prescriptions from the pain specialist.      Dr. Frantz will not prescribe chronic, daily narcotics for back pain, headaches, or fibromyalgia.   Dr. Frantz also does not prescribe medical marijuana.