Health Care that is about you.

Inspire Health Direct Primary Care offers comprehensive primary health care that is free of the hassles and hurried impersonal service that dominates in health care today.    Enhanced access to your physician via same day or next day appointments, text, email, and cell phone is the foundation for Inspire Health.  Appointments are unhurried and range in length from 30 minutes to one hour or longer if needed.    
Inspire Health Direct Primary Care does not accept any form of insurance, including Medicare.  Services are provided to members who pay a monthly subscription fee.  There are many benefits to joining Inspire Health Direct Primary Care, including comprehensive primary care, access to laboratory studies at cost, and access to many generic medications at 10% over cost.   Each physician is limited to a small number of patients, usually one third to one fourth of the patients they might have in a traditional medical practice.  Limiting the number of patients allows for personalized service, designed to meet your needs.  Inspire Health Direct Primary Care is not insurance, but if you decide to join, you should talk with your insurance agent to see if membership in a direct primary care clinic will allow you to use a  higher deductible insurance plan that is designed more for major medical or catastrophic health issues.    This is especially true for employers who elect to purchase Inspire Health subscriptions for their employees.